BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc. IPO (NYSE:BJ)

BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB HOLDINGS, INC. Symbol: BJ Exchange: NYSE Share Price: 15.00-17.00 Shares Offered: 37,500,000 Offer Amount: $733,125,000 Expected IPO Date: 6/28/2018

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc. is the issuer in this offering and changed its name from Beacon Holding Inc. on February 23, 2018. Our principal operating subsidiary is BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., which was previously an independent publicly traded corporation until its acquisition on September 30, 2011, by a subsidiary of Beacon Holding Inc., a company incorporated on June 24, 2011 by our Sponsors for the purpose of the acquisition.

Our principal executive office is located at 25 Research Dr., Westborough, MA 01581 and our telephone number at that address is (774) 512-7400. We maintain a website on the Internet at

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a leading warehouse club operator on the East Coast of the United States. We deliver significant value to our members, consistently offering 25% or more savings on a representative basket of manufacturer-branded groceries compared to traditional supermarket competitors. We provide a curated assortment focused on perishable products, continuously refreshed general merchandise, gas and other ancillary services to deliver a differentiated shopping experience that is further enhanced by our omnichannel capabilities.

Over the last two years, we have hired Chris Baldwin as President and Chief Executive Officer and have made multiple senior management hires and changes, adding consumer packaged goods, digital and consulting experience to our leadership team. This new leadership team has implemented significant cultural and operational changes to our business, including transforming how we use data to improve member experience, instilling a culture of cost discipline, adopting a more proactive approach to growing our membership base and building an omnichannel offering oriented towards making shopping at BJ’s more convenient. These changes have delivered results rapidly, evidenced by positive and accelerating comparable club sales over the last three quarters and net income growth of over 109% and Adjusted EBITDA growth of 31% in aggregate over the last two fiscal years. We believe that these changes will continue to impact sales, profit margins and free cash flow performance favorably in the future.

Since pioneering the warehouse club model in New England in 1984, we have grown our footprint to 215 large-format, high volume warehouse clubs spanning 16 states. In our core New England markets, which have high population density and generate a disproportionate part of U.S. GDP, we operate almost three times the number of clubs compared to the next largest warehouse club competitor. In addition to shopping in our clubs, members are able to shop when and how they want through our website,; our highly-rated mobile app and our integrated Instacart same-day delivery offering.

Our goal is to offer our members significant value and a meaningful return, in savings, on their annual membership fee. We have more than five million members paying annual fees to gain access to savings on groceries, consumables, general merchandise, gas and ancillary services. The annual membership fee for our base Inner Circle® Membership is $55 per year, and our BJ’s Perks Rewards® Membership, which offers additional value-enhancing features, costs $110 annually. We believe that members can save over ten times their $55 Inner Circle membership fee versus what they would have paid at traditional supermarket competitors when they spend $2,500 or more per year at BJ’s on manufacturer-branded groceries. In addition to providing significant savings on a representative basket of manufacturer-branded groceries, we accept all manufacturer coupons and rebates and also carry our own exclusive brands that enable members to save on price without compromising on quality. Our two private label brands, Wellsley Farms® and Berkley Jensen®, represent over $2 billion in sales, and are the largest brands we sell. Our customers recognize the relevance of our value proposition across economic environments, as demonstrated by over 20 consecutive years of membership fee income growth. Our membership fee income was $259 million for fiscal year 2017, and represents approximately half of our Adjusted EBITDA.

Our approach to merchandising positions us between other warehouse clubs and grocery retailers. We sell a wide range of products, combining the bulk savings of a warehouse club with a broader assortment and selectively smaller pack sizes in perishable and grocery products than our club competitors. We have more stock keeping units (“SKUs”) than other warehouse retailers (around 7,200 versus around 4,500), which allows us to offer a greater selection while still enabling us to manage our inventory more efficiently than supermarket and mass-market competitors (which can carry 40,000 or upwards of 100,000 SKUs, respectively). We also offer a “treasure-hunt” experience with exciting finds in apparel, electronics, home goods and seasonal merchandise, as well as ancillary services such as tire installation, vision care, travel and insurance at attractive values. Our 134 gas stations provide members with additional savings and convenience, which we believe drive more trips and reinforce our strong value proposition. We believe our continuously refreshed assortment, expanded perishable offerings and differentiated value proposition drive strong member loyalty and our warehouse club industry-leading average shopping frequency of 22 trips to BJ’s annually. Our membership renewal rate for members with two or more years of tenure, a key indicator of member satisfaction and loyalty, was at an all-time high of 86% during fiscal year 2017.

Our target members care about value, quality and convenience and shop at warehouse clubs for their family needs. Our target members are a price sensitive demographic with large household sizes, representing nine million households in our trade areas. While we believe that we appeal to households with a wide range of incomes, we target households with an average annual income of approximately $75,000. We believe this group represents a historically underserved demographic in our core markets. Our membership offerings include our core Inner Circle® Membership and three enhanced levels of membership and affiliation through our BJ’s Perks Rewards® Membership and our My BJ’s Perks®Mastercard® offerings, which offer benefits such as cash back on purchases and discounted gasoline prices. These value-added membership tiers and affiliations further consolidate our members’ spend and improve customer loyalty and renewal rates, which ultimately increase the lifetime value of the member. The membership model allows us to capture more comprehensive data about our members, which we proactively use to optimize price, promotion and assortment to evolve with changing consumer demands.

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